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Hello Mogo, Como estas?

Hello such, as all good for now grateful for the opportunity and hoping that my work pleases France

Could you present you ?

Brothers’ I am Arturo Jimenez, Mogo is my nickname since childhood, is a diminutive of my father´s nickname ¨Mogono¨

I was born to make music.

« I had the opportunity to express by myself with electronic music. »

I think You are a famous producer in Mexico. Tell us about your story ?

I had the opportunity to express by myself with electronic music only.

The music always accompanied me when I was little my father began to slip into music at 3 years, singing the Mexican folklore, then I started playing guitar at the age of 8, one day I heard Pink Floyd and change the lifetime.

Thanks to my parents I can develop professionally in music, I will always be grateful.

What kind of music do you appreciate and why ?

I love the essence of the 60s and 70s like Progressive Rock, Blues, Walking Bass, Jazz, Music Concrete, When the people experimenting with synthesizers for the first time, I thing live in the wrong era.

I started looking for a band-concept as the British bands of yesteryear mixed with influences Kraftwer and Jean-Michel Jarre.
I realized that working with more people and was a bit difficult with egos involved, so i make music alone.

I see you have a lot of tools to produce and do RMX ? Which machines do you use to create ?

Use Ableton Live controlled by Livid Instruments – Control R, Roland Mc-303, DSI – Mopho, Arturia – MiniBrute, Waldorf – Blofeld, and Digital Console – Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2.

Some titles of your tracks are darks and introspective as I see the darkness on you or A trip to my subconscious… Does it inspire to create ?

Like everyone else I have my dark side and sinister, In my life I try to keep a balance between Light and Darkness in me.
I let the Light who guide them my way and who directs my actions for the benefit of others.
I am a spiritualist person and believe God is in all sides, in oneself too.
I use music to express myself and there are things in life that are always occupying the dark side of each person, let me vent all my feelings in every production I do.
Some times the problems make music for me.
I release all in the track and return to the midpoint of my life.

You look like a cow-boy mix with metal style…

Some times the people tell me ¨You Don’t look like a DJ or producer of electronic music¨
I do not deny the influences of Rock 70’s on me.

You are a fan of Marc Houle, you remix few tracks of him as Gimme Gimme and Girl One… Tell few words about the artist who inspire you ?

Big fan of Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jean-Michel Jarre, Marc Houle, Click Box, Colder, Magda, Plastikman, Dominik Eulberg, Troy Pierce, JPLS, Gabriel Ferreira and others.

I am currently studying sound engineering, when newly entering the university, I met a great friend Alexander King (which later would be creating music together, Low Db’s), Alejandro came back from Canada and told me once that he had gone to a spice party that is called ¨Black Room¨, where most of the track came from a Record in Berlin, Germany called MINUS.

From that moment I decided to leave the concept of the British band and focus to create my project MOGO, influenced mainly by ITEMS & THINGS and MINUS.

You sign tracks on numerous label (Tlaloc, Timbral, Ninefont, Shinocs Music, Plunk,)… Congratulations.
Your last one is out on Tlaloc Records and it is a Album, Tell us about this work and collaboration…

The collaboration I did with Diego Ferrrey AKA MRDIE, an Argentine friend who has helped me greatly in marketing processes and connexions, booking with labels and that shit .
I am very grateful, I appreciate it.
The Album is a very experimental obscure concept, will be released on Friday, February 13, the date is crucial for launch.

Tlaloc Records: a label that I made with Isaias Huitron, friend from childhood, to give a fresh concept Tlaloc is my point off view to the American cosmology before the Spanish conquest. Can hear us on Beatport and Sound Cloud.

You co-produce a lot of music too, how does spend the co-producing process with your homies ?

Most of the time I do it online, we share the sessiones Ableton or just the audio jacks of separate channels.

I Drop principals ideas and leave space for them to finish the tracks and put him sounds.

How is the scene in Mexico? Could tell us about the artists and party´s ?

Very good people delivering the soul increasingly to electronic music,
Mexico has a wide range of artists , also has amazing locations for party.

But the Underground scene is very limited, Festivals Clubs and Raves occupy most of the scene.

I think people should be involved more in the authentic and original, but who fashions determine their musical criteria think people should get more involved in the authentic and original, but is fashion who determine their musical approach

What your favorite word ?

Chingon (Mexican Spanish)

A last word for people who read you and listen to your podcast ?


Thanks MOGO. We support you!

Lire l’interview en français

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